About Us!

Why did we start Testji.com?:

It is always the duty of a teacher to make students study well.

I am also a teacher and I have a dream to help as many as students I can to study in the most efficient way (I know of).

And, it’s an honor to share with you that, Testji.com is the platform that proves that my dream is no longer a dream, it is a living and breathing reality.

Everyday, whenever I check the Mail inbox and the comments section I feel fortunate to see, how many students are happy with the contents we deliver.

About our Team:

For Testji.com, we have selected some of the best teachers as well as some awesome creative people to help the students study in a better way.

There are total four teachers in our team-

  1. Testji (Mr. Tushar Kumar)
  2. Mr. Pardeep Singh
  3. Mr. Manish Kumar
  4. Ms. Sonu

Our entire team acts upon the Policy of Testji.com

Mr. Testji

Ms. Sonu, The Teacher, knows what’s best for you, and is playing one of the most important role in our team.

Ms. Sonu

Mr. Pardeep Singh, Our Content Manager, has been doing content management since last 5 years.

Mr. Pardeep

Mr. Manish Kumar, The Designer, beside making Awesome and fluid designs, he has also taken the responsibility to make our entire team laugh.

Mr. Manish

Apart from this, sometimes we also hire freelancers when needed. So that we can provide you the best possible Study Materials in the shortest amount of time.

How do we get Online Test?:

  • To conduct online mock tests, we prepare the set question and answers based on the syllabus.
  • After that we make quizzes that contains with the set of most important questions.
  • And then students are subjected to online tests, so that they can evaluate themselves, and find out their own strengths and weaknesses on their own, which (ofcourse) helps them improve further in their studies.

Collaboration Partner:

Sometimes we collaborate with CCCOnlineTyari.com, so sometimes you may similar content (pages) in both websites.

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